Larinite Larinite

Larinite is an indie game about the journey of a craftsman.

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Core features:

1. A casual and relaxing game.

Larinite is supposed to be a casual and relaxing game.

2. A detailed and meaningful world

A lot of work has already been put into translating real-life objects into pixel art, and teaching real-world concepts and crafts through this medium.

3. Use crafted items to progress.

Craft items to overcome obstacles and to solve puzzles.

4. Learn helpful procedures and recipes

Villagers in Larinite will reward you for crafting items for them or for fulfilling orders. Negotiate with them and/or build a relationship with them. Upgrade and build your own restaurant, shop or house. Learn procedures and recipes that are helpful in real-life outside of the game!

5. A mix of new and old battle mechanics

Apart from "traditional action-RPG" battles, you can feed creatures in battle to satisfy or tame them. Food with more complex recipes gives better results. Tamed pet creatures give you skills outside of battles that you can use to find secrets, or maybe some other abilities.

6. Fast-paced gameplay

Get into the game quickly. Controls will be simple and intuitive. The game is taught and the story is told as you progress. You won't be hindered by the story, but I've put a lot of focus into refining it, and I'm trying to make it quite elaborate. You can flee all battles (if you are heartless and don't want to feed the creatures you encounter).