Developer Blog

Only major updates will appear here. For smaller and newer updates please visit Tumblr or Patreon.

Adding Tumblr as a main blogging platform

I will now be using both Tumblr and Patreon as my main blogging platforms for small and minor updates to Larinite. Major updates will appear on the official website and on other social media platforms for the game.

Because Twitter can be linked to Tumblr, the same posts may appear there too. If any posts are too long, they will be redirected to my website blog.

If I find any good text posts from the past and I get the time, I might be adding them to Tumblr.

Art will still be released only on Patreon until the base art is completed for the first demo.

I'll go through the reasons I stuck with Patreon at the start.

The main reason was that it was the most creator friendly social media option at the time that I started game development, and it still feels like it more than 2 years later.

The thing I will always remember is that it gave me very big buttons for post options, and there was never any frustration to find a page. This was unlike Tumblr which to this day still causes me some frustration. Try to find an easily accessible link for a public page for a blog of yours in Tumblr in Oct 2020- I just recently experienced it.

I felt like I didn't have to worry about social media anymore once I had set up Patreon. This was very helpful because at a very early stage, you really want to focus on your game engine and world building. For my project I began to feel more and more that this had to be done before any art or music or story writing could take place (minus base art).

Another reason is that it allowed me to keep my poor quality early artwork for patrons only. I recently skimmed through some of my old artwork and ideas about art, and it was bad. I feel that people might get the wrong idea of what the game will actually look like if I post a lot of the wrong art frequently. I've been looking at other indie game art quite a bit over the years and I feel that it was not up to their standards and the standards that I expected from myself for a decent indie game. I'm glad that somewhere along the way I decided to remove early images and videos.

Another reason was that, in case I found any financial support for the game I would be able to re-direct them to Patreon without worrying too much. I never wanted to think about any payment options at the start of development. This was a low priority reason- I sometimes thought this wasn't even the reason I used Patreon at all. If someone wanted to support me this way, they could always use other payment options- there are so many available, especially nowadays. Patreon was convenient because it felt like the best blogging platform there was at the time, and payments were there too.

I think I am at a stage now where I feel more comfortable about posting about Larinite. It also doesn't help that Patreon was showing a big payment screen at first to the public, which was never what I wanted for a blog. I cannot remember if this was a change by Patreon after I started using it. If I could remove it, I wouldn't have to spend the trouble setting up Tumblr. Ultimately, Patreon doesn't seem like the most public friendly primary blogging option moving forward compared to Tumblr which is why I am adding it now.

Also, if I remember correctly, Tumblr was not as good as it is now in terms of blog theme/color customization.

This can still change in the future.

Website Update

I've made some changes to the home page today. It now focuses on showing the core features of this game.

Below is what used to appear on the homepage:

"Larinite is a casual and educational game still under development. It will feature an interesting story, quests and characters, the ability to collect and craft items, skill trees, and a unique 2D pixel art environment to move around in and discover. Aside from the main story, you can make your own story in the game by doing optional quests, and interacting with other characters.

Educational- You leave the game always feeling that you have learned something.

Casual- it is a relaxing game that is meant to be played casually.

No combat route- you don't have to fight to progress through the game.

Mobile- the target is mobile devices and gaming consoles, but is first playable on PC."